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Age: 9yrs+   

(or with a certain foundation in drawing and artwork)


Materials:  Sketch pencil set, Sketch kneadable erasers


Our Students' Previous Works

*All artworks are copyright reserved by SEN ART ACADEMY and cannot be reproduced without authorization.

Why & How We Learn Sketch

An essential aspect of the course is nurturing students' analytical abilities toward objects, using sketching to develop a solid artistic perspective, thereby creating more possibilities for future designs and artistic endeavors.

We start with simple and comprehensible techniques, gradually cultivating artistic perception. Mastering the application of lines, shading, and forms.

From the precise structure of geometric plaster to the stages of sketching still life objects, learn how to capture the relationships and changes in light and shadow, portraying the texture and depth of objects through pencil work. Afterward, advance to the course of classical plaster busts, delving into facial structures and exploring the limits of light and shadow. Hone your observational skills and patience to elevate your sketching abilities to a higher level.

Parallel Lines
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