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Oil Painting

Age: 12yrs+  

(or with a certain foundation in drawing and artwork)


Materials We offer:  

Drawing paper/canvas, apron, easel

Art supplies to prepare your own:

oil paints & brushes & linseed oil for oil painting

Abstract Painting

Our Students' Previous Works

*All artworks photo are copyright reserved by SEN ART ACADEMY and cannot be reproduced without authorization.

Why & How We Learn Oil Painting

Explore the world of oil painting with our courses tailored for all skill levels. As an experienced instructor in this captivating medium, I understand its transformative potential. Beyond skill acquisition, our curriculum delves into the versatility of oil painting, from delicate glazes to bold impasto strokes, emphasizing color theory and brushwork.

Patience and mindfulness are instilled as integral virtues, fostering a meditative creative process. Our hands-on approach ensures active engagement, allowing students to refine skills and find their unique artistic voice. Join us in this transformative journey, where art becomes a path of self-discovery and skill development. Unleash your creativity and explore the boundless possibilities of oil painting under the guidance of dedicated instructors committed to nurturing artistic growth.

Parallel Lines
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