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Experience the excellence of Sen Art Academy, a prestigious Art School located in the heart of Remuera Town Centre. We provide tailored art instruction that caters to the unique needs of students, taking into consideration their age and cognitive development.


Our comprehensive curriculum is carefully designed to explore various art forms, allowing students to develop their skills and express their creativity in a supportive environment. With a focus on fostering growth and artistic mastery, we offer a range of classes and workshops that encompass drawing, painting, school holiday specials, and more. Beyond the classroom, our students have the exciting opportunity to participate in competitions and exhibitions, showcasing their artistic talents and expanding their horizons in the art world.


Our dedicated and experienced instructors are passionate about guiding students on their artistic journey, inspiring them to reach their full potential. We have experienced the differences between Chinese and Western art education and have deeply understood their pros and cons. By avoiding the flaws and embracing the strengths of both, we aim to preserve children's imagination while providing them with a solid foundation in drawing, enabling them to express their thoughts on paper in the future.

Join us at Sen Art Academy and embark on an inspiring and transformative Art School experience that will lay the foundation for a lifelong love of art.

Choosing the right place to learn art can make all the difference.

Acrylic Paint

Meet The Team


Holly Wang

Director & Chief Art Tutor

Master of Art & Artist 

12 years experience of art education

(Painting, sketch, oil painting, watercolour.etc)


Sichuan Province 2010 Watercolor and Pastel Artwork Academic Exhibition'

Creative Love - Skirt Design Excellence Award

Second Prize in the Heberlei National Graffiti Design Competition

Charmaine FF.jpeg

Charmaine Gao

Art Tutor


Bachelor of Education


Experience: 2 years of art education


China Academy of Art Social Art Grading Certificate, Level 8 in Traditional Chinese Painting

China Academy of Art Social Art Grading Certificate, Level 6 in Sketching

Participated multiple times in the Chengdu Science and Technology Innovation Competition and received: First Prize twice

Second Prize once


 John Zhou

Co-Funder & GM


​Master of Media Art

President of Chengdu University New Zealand Alumni Association

More than 10 years of media industry experience.

Proficient in visual arts, photography, documentaries, commercial production, and live broadcast & Live streaming technology.


Yan Sun

Art Tutor


Master of Fine Art

Graphic Designer

Freelance illustrator

Proficient in illustration, visual design

Experience: graphic designer and illustrator.

(Painting, sketch, illustration, Anime,CG)


Poppy Chen

Administrator & Art Tutor


Bachelor of Art

Graphic Designer

Professional in logo design, web design, typography design.​

More than 3 years art education experience

(Painting, sketch, watercolour)


Leo Liu

Art Tutor


Bachelor of design

VI design, Interior design

Experience: 2 years of art education

painting, sketch


Third Oriental Creative Star Design Competition - Bronze Award 2022 G CROSS Mainland China - Gold Award

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