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Junior Sketch For Survival

Original two-dimensional A4 or A3 size works, choose one of two categories - wild animals. The main focus should be on endangered species. Depict one or several animals from the IUCN Red List. wild space. Your image should depict an endangered landscape/seascape or a plant species. For example, woods or forests, coral reefs, mountains, coastlines, wetlands -- any wild space threatened by environmental factors such as global warming or human activity. Or specific species of threatened plants/flowers/trees/corals on the Red List.


2023 Junior Sketch For Survival
截止日期 JUNE 30, 2023

  • Awards奖励:

  • In each age category we award Sketch for Survival Junior Artist of the Year, and there is also an opportunity to win the People’s Choice Award, decided by an online vote.

  • 在每个年龄段,我们都会授予 Sketch for Survival 年度初级艺术家奖,还有机会赢得由在线投票决定的大众选择奖。

Age Groups 年龄组:

  • up to 7yrs

  • 8-12yrs

  • 13-16yrs

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