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Anime Drawing

Age: 8yrs+   

(or with a certain foundation in drawing and artwork)


Materials:  Colourpencils & Colour markers

Anime Turntable

Our Students' Previous Works

*All artworks are copyright reserved by SEN ART ACADEMY and cannot be reproduced without authorization.

Why & How We Learn Anime Drawing

This course aims to apply foundational knowledge, covering the utilization of color theory and basic figure-drawing abilities. Guided by a passion for anime, students gradually explore practical techniques such as human body structure and composition.

Combining popular anime and diverse drawing materials, this course enhances drawing skills while immersing students in the world of two-dimensional culture. It will provide a joyful learning atmosphere where students can engage in discussions and learn with friends who share common interests and hobbies.

An essential aspect of the course is nurturing students' independent thinking and the ability to deconstruct images, enabling them to explore innovative forms of artistic expression.

Parallel Lines
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