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Primary Art

Age: 5 - 6 yrs  

(No experience, learn from scratch.)


Materials:  Oil pastels, Pencil, Eraser.

Concrete Wall

Our Students' Previous Works

*All artworks photo are copyright reserved by SEN ART ACADEMY and cannot be reproduced without authorization.

Why & How We Learn Primary Art

This course aims to nurture children's artistic talents and introduce them to fundamental concepts of color and shape. It presents a foundational and systematic knowledge curriculum tailored for children.


To broaden children's visual art horizons, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of how shapes, colors, and textures interact to convey meaning and emotional resonance. Through progressively increasing knowledge points and themes each semester, children will embrace the diverse world of art and establish a strong foundation in drawing.


An essential component of the course is fostering proper drawing habits and thinking patterns in children, teaching them basic color theory and variations in shapes. This will help children express creativity and emotions through the medium of art, providing a platform and stepping stone for limitless possibilities in the future.

Parallel Lines
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