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ART street Regular Illustration Contest
– “Slice of Life” 2023

ART street Regular Illustration Contest The theme for August is “Slice of Life” ! Repeated days of life go by without our intention, without doing anything special. But when they are depicted in a work of art, our ordinary lives are instantly transformed into extraordinary scenes! This time we call for illustrations on the theme of "Slice of Life"!

艺术街定期插画比赛 八月的主题是 "生活片段"! 生活中重复的日子在不经意间流逝,没有任何特别之处。 但当它们被描绘成一幅幅艺术作品时,我们平凡的生活就会瞬间变成不平凡的场景!

ART street Regular Illustration Contest
– “Slice of Life” 2023

截止日期 Entries close:  30 September, 2023

Grand Prize(1 winner max):50,000 JPY

Excellence Award(1 winner max):10,000 JPY

Morning Scene Award(1 winner max):10,000 JPY

Daytime Scene Award(1 winner max):10,000 JPY

Dusk Scene Award(1 winner max):10,000 JPY

Night Scene Award(1 winner max):10,000 JPY

Creative Note:

1. Art Size. JPG, PNG, PSD, MDP(File size: Under 30MB) ・No designated size, but the DPI must be at least 300

2. Entry Fee/ Entry: The competition is free to enter.

3. ▼Mac or Windows

  1. Select "Apply for the Contest" under "Submit Work".

  2. Search for this contest, "ART street Regular Illustration Contest Theme for August: Slice of Life" and click "Apply".

  3. Select the illustration you want to enter, and click "Apply".

4. The competition will be judged on the following criteria (40 points maximum):

Marketability of poster to multiple audiences - 10 points. Creative and original artwork and idea - 10 points. Attractiveness in terms of design and neatness of layout - 10 points. Overall Impact, all graphics are related to the topic and make it easier to understand the poster theme - 10 points.

1. 艺术尺寸。JPG、PNG、PSD、MDP(文件大小: 30MB以下)

  • 没有指定大小,但 DPI 必须至少为 300

2. 参赛费/参赛作品: 比赛免费。 3. Mac 或 Windows

  1. 选择 "提交作品 "下的 "申请参赛"。

  2. 搜索本次比赛,""ART 街头常规插画比赛 8 月主题:生活片段"",然后点击""申请"": Slice of Life"",然后点击""Apply""。

  3. 选择您要参赛的插图,然后点击""申请""。

  4. 比赛将根据以下标准进行评判(最高 40 分):海报对多种受众的适销性 - 10 分。 有创意的原创作品和想法 - 10 分。 设计的吸引力和版面整洁 - 10 分。 整体影响力,所有图形均与主题相关,并使人更容易理解海报主题 - 10 分。

Age Groups 年龄组:

  • Anyone 无年龄限制

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