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Still Life with a Guitar

International Youth Art Grand Prix
- A tribute to Master



Rules And Statement:

  • All entries must be the students’ original work. 

  • The author retains the right to be credited for their work. Ownership of the work belongs to the organizing committee. 

  • The committee has the right to use the work for book publishing, media reporting, online publication, and art exhibitions.

  • The use of AI-generators, like ChatGPT or DALL-E, is considered plagiarism. Any participant who submits AI-generated work will be disqualified and their sponsor will be notified.


 Submission is considered as acceptance of this statement!

How To Enter

Step 1:

Download the Registration Form. 点击上方⬆️下载按钮

Step 2:

Submit Artwork Images.

  • Photos must remain unaltered, with only adjustments to brightness and contrast permitted. Any form of post-processing is strictly prohibited.

  • Each entry must consist of two images:  one depicting the artwork individually, and another showing the artwork alongside its creator.

  • Attach two good quality JPEG images (It can be up to 10MB in size. ) to SEN ART ACADEMY of your completed artwork with your name and age.

  • Please do not send us your artwork unless we have requested it.

Step 3:

Write Your Reflection

  • Length: Minimum of 100 words.

  • Your reflection must be written in English.

Step 4:

Pay the registration fee.

  • The competition fee: $45 NZD/per entry.

(Includes review fee, certificate fee, and medal fee. Each participant may submit up to five works. )

  • Please transfer the amount to the institution's bank account, with the student's name included in the reference, take a screenshot of the transaction.


Account Name: SEN ART 

Account Number: 12-3618-0033027-00 

Please put the YA+student Full Name as the reference.

If you have any questions please contact us.

Step 5:

Submission Checklist:

1.Image of your artwork.

One depicting the artwork individually, and another showing the artwork alongside its creator.

2. A single PDF document combine with:

  1. Completed Registration form.

  2. Process image of artwork.

  3. Proof of registration fee payment (screenshot of successful transaction).

  4. Reflection

Step 6:


Sending an email to SEN ART ACADEMY with all the submission requirements. 

​Submission Email send to:

Submission Last deadline: 15 November 12 am NZ time, 2024.






For registration in New Zealand please contact New Zealand exclusive agent SEN ART ACADEMY.

​新西兰地区参加比赛请联系新西兰独家协办方 SEN ART ACADEMY

*​活动所有细则以主办方官方公布信息为准,SEN ART ACADEMY只提供报名及咨询服务

Ph: 028 8517 3012 or 021 155 0602 或联系我们客服微信

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